Liftbridge Lane E. Active Transport Project

Final Concept Plan Design (11-13-23)

Letter to the Board and Final Concept Plans from BME Associates

Liftbridge Lane East Project Update

Timeline / Next Steps:
  • UPDATE Village Board Meeting Nov 13, 2023: 
    Liftbridge Lane East Update - presentation of final concept drawings from BME

    After a presentation of the updates to the plans,
    a motion was made by Trustee Folino against continuing work on the project. A majority of board members (Trustee Briggs, Trustee Folino, Deputy Mayor Mischler) voted to stop the project. Mayor Domaratz and Trustee Bonosky voted for the project to continue. (see below what is contained in the update plans)

    A second motion was made by Trustee Folino to make no changes to Liftbridge Lane East, to pave the street as is, make any needed updates to the storm sewers, with no change to parking or sidewalks and leave the cyclists in the the roadway with automobile traffic. This motion was approved by Trustee Folino, Trustee Briggs and Deputy Mayor Mischler, . The motion was opposed by Mayor Domaratz and Trustee Bonosky.

    View the recorded meeting here:
    the topic begins at 1:13

    Updated plans were reviewed at the meeting.
    The board was asked to make a formal decision on whether to forward on the latest concept drawings, drawn from 18 months of comments from board members, village businesses, village residents, community members to work towards compromise for a variety concerns including on-street parking.

    The new concept drawings included:
    - Retain existing Liftbridge Lane East parking on-street parking on the south side of the street at Water Street to the west. With the addition of new Water Street parking (7), FMC lot parking (20) and this on-street parking - there would be no loss of parking spots from the current number.
    - no changes to the sidewalk on the south side of the street
    - replace and add new sidewalk on the north side of the street
    - add new bike lane 8 feet wide (bi-directional) at the same grade as the sidewalk
    - add new tree lawn, with trees, plantings, new street lights
    - widen bidirectional traffic lanes each 11.5' wide (today they are 10' wide)

    Sidewalks will be replaced as necessary to ensure a proper and safe walking surface.  
    New pavement and surface area for the entire length of Liftbridge Lane East. 
    On-street parking will remain throughout the street.  
    Street lights will be updated with a more modern and eclectic fixture.
    Crosswalks will be updated with appropriate ADA signage and roadway markings.
    Bike sharrows will be replaced within the roadway signifying the desire to share the road way to all modes of transportation.
    Increased potted plants and hanging baskets.

  • UPDATE October 2023: Currently, NYSEG (RG&E) is working on gas main replacement scheduled on both Liftbridge Lane East and West - October 2023.
  • UPDATE July 24th: Prior to the July 24th meeting, trustees were informed  that the revised plan could not be completed because there were utilities in the way. The original solution moved those utilities into the median. Without moving the utilities, the alternate plans would not be possible. See July 19th Memo to the Board. (pg. 2) 
    After discussion from the board members (Briggs and Folino were remote), a majority of the board members present (3) determined that the plans needed to be completed and BME was asked to complete the plans that had been originally asked for and approved by the board in 2022. The plans once completed will be put to bid later in 2023.
  • June 26, 2023 -  Click to view the Work Session meeting. The Village Board reviewed updated plans. The attached are the two under consideration.There will be a chance for the public to ask questions and discuss the plans with Village staff, at the Village Hall Board Room prior to the July 10th Village Board Meeting. This session is postponed until July 24th.
  • May 22, 2023 - Village Board Worksession Meeting Video. Click on the link to view the meeting. The Village Board agrees to have a revised plan created, removing the proposed median, including the lights, trees and plantings. The revised plan for Liftbridge Lane East must include the following:
    • Appropriate lanes for 2 way traffic
    • On-street parking
    • Dedicated space for bike-lanes
  • April 10, 2023 - Village Board Meeting. Budget and Capital plan approved - including funding for work on Liftbridge Lane East. This approval is not of a specific plan, but the funding so that work may be done in the 2023/24 budget cycle. The board has agreed to revisit the plan. 
  • January 23, 2023 - Village Board Work Session Meeting. Final plan review of proposed plans - project paused for further review and discussion.
  • December 12, 2022 - Feedback incorporated into presentation shared with the Village Board on at the Village Board Meeting. Meeting information posted on Active Transportation Web page.
  • November 16, 2022 (Invitation) Design workshop with an opportunity for the community to share feedback.
  • October 2022 - Ongoing Conversations with local merchants and business owners conducted and are ongoing
  • September 27th, 2022 - Proposed plans were first presented to the Village Board at the work session meeting.
Initial Proposed Concept Plan

Map of Liftbridge East and West (1)
Rendering (Full Site)
Rendering (Sheet 1 of 2)
Rendering (Sheet 2 of 2)
See the September entry below for all the meeting notes from the original presentation.

Board Meeting Presentations - 2022

Village Board Review of Updated Plans
December 12, 2022

Peter Vars, from BME returned to the Board Meeting and presented to the board the following:
The supporting documents are all posted as links on the left side of this page.
There were three parts to the presentation:

1) The Response Document (pdf) shares the reasoning and responses from Peter Vars, Project Engineer, BME Associates to questions posed at the Nov 16th, workshop.
2) The Public Parking Exhibit
3) The 6 concepts with their pros and cons

Public Design Workshop and Review of Initial Proposed Plans
November 16, 2022

Liftbride Lane E. Active Transportation Project-Public Meeting Advertisement

  • The Village needs to perform full paving and infrastructure work in 2023 on Liftbridge Lane East.
  • (See the map above) Liftbridge Lane East and West are the designated paths for cyclists to travel when on the canal trail. 
  • There are designated bike lines on Liftbridge Lane West, but no designated lanes on Liftbridge Lane East.
  • The current conditions are unsafe for bikers and traffic and less safe for pedestrians when bikes move to sidewalks to avoid mixing with automobile traffic.
  • Village Comprehensive Plan from 2010 and 2020/21 call for improved access to active transportation in the Village and business district. (2010 - Comp Plan Objectives: 6.6, 6.7, 6.8  - 2020/21 - Comp Plan Objective 7.3, 7.4) and completion of Main Streetscape which will tie Liftbridge Lane East and West together.

Initial Proposed Plan
September 27, 2022

Map of Liftbridge East and West (1)
Rendering (Full Site)
Rendering (Sheet 1 of 2)
Rendering (Sheet 2 of 2)

  • Village staff is working together with BME Associates to identify and determine the best course of action to incorporate active transportation and traffic flow on Liftbridge Lane East. They will be looking at updates and a reconfiguration of Water Street for traffic flow, deliveries and parking. Due to the anticipated changes for this street, most on-street parking will be eliminated west of the FMC parking lot. These proposed plans were shared with the Village Board at the Village Board Work session September 27th, 2022.
  • Concrete bump outs and on-street parking are removed. The street has a straightened trajectory. 

  • These proposed plans are in line with complete streets community plans. There is a safe place for pedestrians, bikes and autos. 
  • A bi-directional bike lane is separated from pedestrians on the north side of the road. Bike lanes are  separated from the automobile traffic lanes with a curbed 5' wide median incorporating granite curbs, plantings, street trees, and decorative, functional street lights. The median may include some sort of hard surface that during summer months can hold pots with plantings similar to those on Liftbridge Lane West.
  • Automobile traffic lanes are located on the south side of the street and the lanes are slightly wider that the current lanes, allowing for deliveries and larger trucks that need access to deliver to Fairport Electric located at the end of Liftbridge Lane East on the north side of the street.
  • Appropriate crosswalks and signs will be located on the street near the median cut outs providing pedestrians to be more clearly seen by auto traffic.