Updated Jan. 2024 Midblock Crosswalks / Walkability

Update - January 8th, 2023
Crosswalk Signs Installed
On-demand beacon lighted crosswalks have been installed at West Church Street at Perrin Street (December 2023) and North Main Street at Liftbridge Lane (October 2023). 

The engineering work on the crosswalk to the west on West Church Street continues. The location has moved near to Briggs Avenue due to issues with elevation and existing infrastructure at the previous location. The Village board will share an update when one is available. 

- October 10, 2023

New Crosswalk and Crosswalk Signs to be Installed
A new beacon lighted crosswalk will be installed at West Church Street and Nelson Street by Villager Construction on behalf of the Village of Fairport. Construction should commence during the month of October. Two other existing crosswalks will be upgraded to beacon lights in the next few weeks. West Church Street at Perrin Street and North Main Street will have beacon lights installed to help pedestrians and cyclists alert drivers to their crossing at those locations. 

Goal: Make the Village of Fairport the most walkable community in New York State

What is a mid-block crosswalk?
Mid-block refers to a crosswalk not located a traffic signal light

Work Session Meeting October 25th 
2022 Mid-Block Crosswalk Review
Updates to the Mid-block crosswalk discussion were conducted at the Oct. 25th work session meeting.
The meeting minutes can be found here
Summary of actions:
1.) The Board would like more detailed plans for the addition of the crosswalk at Hulburt Ave., Nelson St. and W. Church St.
2.) Move the crosswalk at Summit St. north to the area around Clinton and S. Main St. to facilitate a flatter crossing surface that is more ADA compliant.
3.) These 2 crosswalks are the current priority. The board would like to see plans move forward for these first.

Labella Mid-Block Crosswalk Safety Recommendations
In an effort to enhance the walkability in the Village of Fairport, the Village Board is reviewing areas to add mid-block crosswalks and to continue review of all major crosswalks in the Village. Labella Associates has been engaged by to review the proposed locations identified by the Board and will be drafting an action plan at each of the chosen locations.

West Church St. near Hulburt Ave. and Nelson St.
East Church St. near Parker St.
High St. near East St.

Potter Place at West Church Street - Crosswalk lights replaced September 2022.
Potter Place at West Church St. New Crosswalk
New Crosswalk Sign Potter Place at West Church St.
New Crosswalk Potter Place at West Church St.