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Sanitary Sewer Project

sewer televising

Sewer Cleaning and Televising Notice (Week of July 25-29)
Kenyon Pipelining, a contractor working for the Village, will be televising sanitary sewer mains throughout the Village.

The schedule for the week of July 25 through July 29 includes the following;
Nelson St.
Nelson St Canal Crossing to Landing View Ln.
Clinton Pl.
George St.
Jackson Pl.
Liftbridge Ln. E.
Water St S.
Parce Ave.
Elm St.
Frank St. ( 2 mains)
Whitney Rd (N Main St. to Maple St.)
N Main St.
Roselawn Ave. (Beardsley St. Canal Crossing to S Main St.)
Beardsley St. Canal Crossing
Lidestri Right of Way
JP School Connector (Potter Pl. to South Ave)
 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Fairport Department of Public Works at 223-9500. 

This process includes cleaning the sanitary sewer mains with a sewer jet and then televising the mains.

Please keep all toilet lids closed while this work is going on.

What is sewer cleaning and televising?
Sewer cleaning requires the use of high-pressure water to flush sewer mains. This creates a pressure differential in the sewer main that normally escapes through the roof vent in your sewer connection. Under unusual circumstances, it is possible for this pressure differential to push the contents of your sewer trap into your sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets etc. The possibility also exists that the pressure differential could drain the contents of your sewer trap entirely. Conditions that could cause this adverse effect are: old plumbing that has not been updated as well as roof vents that are not operating properly or partially/completely restricted. (This is a worst-case scenario for informational purposes) see below for more tips.

Once the Sewer Main has been flushed/cleaned:
Televising means a camera is placed in the area to determine the status of the main i.e. are there areas that are highly damaged and need to be excavated for repair or can the area be lined with a material that will fill defects or cracks to maintain the structure and surface of the sewer main?

More tips:
Some residents choose to put towels on the floor around toilets and/or place pots, pans or buckets over interior plumbing drains to contain any backflow your home may experience. During some phases of the operation, you may detect an odor. Odors are most likely to occur in buildings with dry or non-existent traps. In most cases, odors can be minimized by pouring several gallons of water down your plumbing fixtures (sinks, showers, toilets, bathtubs etc.) and basement floor drains, and then open windows to ventilate.
Please note that if you have sump pumps or yard drains connected to the sewer lateral, these may be affected as well.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Fairport Department of Public Works at 223-9500.

Sewer Fund from the Annual Budget 2022-2023
History of the Sewer Fund
The sanitary sewer fund was implemented with adoption of the 19-20 budget. The Village Board recognizes the need to adequately maintain and strategically replace the sanitary sewer system and to continue progressing toward a function sanitary sewer main replacement strategy.
The Village embarked on a very large and comprehensive process of creating a sewer department from scratch. This budget proposes no increase to the sanitary sewer rent which is currently $175 per parcel based on the engineer’s recommendation and known liabilities associated with this operation.


Staff reviewed a modified rate structure based on a number of factors including flow usage. The Village is fairly equitable with respect to usage when comparing residential and commercial properties. There are only a handful of industrial uses that significantly contribute to the flow in our system. The ability to review that usage and determine a different rate structure, if any, is ongoing. Regardless of those few properties, rates amongst residential and commercial properties will not change drastically in the future.

2022 Work

In FY 22-23, staff will be focusing on increasing its investigatory efforts and televising approximately 25% of the sanitary sewer system as well as evaluating all siphons and mains that cross the Erie Canal. Priority will be on the older parts of the community with aging infrastructure.


Village Sanitary Sewer Map

Sewer Analysis_Study 2019-2020