Recycling FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
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Why is my recycling picked up by Waste Management and not the Department of Public Works?

My recycling is being thrown in the back of a garbage truck.  Is it really being recycled?

Can I recycle all plastics marked #1-#7?

Should I Separate my recyclables using plastic bags?

Can I recycle caps and lids from containers?

Can Styrofoam egg cartons, coffee ups, and packing material with a #4 or #6 on it be recycled?

Can I recycle pizza boxes?

Can I place small electronics in my recycling bin or TVs and appliances at the curb?

I do not have a blue bin or need a new blue bin.  How can I get one?

Recycling Bins are available for Village residents by contacting the Fairport Department of Public Works at 585-421-3119.