Fairport's History

Fairport's fire department had its beginning in the year 1877. The Fairport Herald of February 9th, 1877 carried the following letter to the editor:

"Some provision should be made for fire protection. A proposition has been made to give notice that at the annual meeting of the
electors of the Village of Fairport, a resolution will be offered to levy and raise by tax on the taxable property of the Village the sum of
$300 for the purpose of purchasing at least 75 good, durable buckets, a suitable number of ladders, and to provide a place for storage
and safe keeping of same. It is to be hoped that the tax payers of Fairport will take this matter into consideration and act thereon,
as becomes wise and prudent men."

Just one month later the first fire company was organized. The Fairport Herald carried this article:
"March 8th, 1877, a company was organized for the fire protection by the workmen in the chemical works. The company chose
L.J. DeLand as president and empowered him to nominate the officers, present a constitution and bylaws, and present them at the
next meeting. The name of this new company was "DeLand Fire Company No. 1 of Fairport". The object is to protect the property
of the chemical works first, always ready to aid in other places when not needed there.

Fairport was quickly to become fire protection conscious. In the Herald of June 1st, 1877, this article appeared:
"A subscription has been started among men who own property on or near the main corners of the Village for the purchase
of two or three hundred feet of hose for the protection against fire. The Messrs. DeLand and Company, generously offer to l
et the hose be attached to their steam pump in the chemical works. This amount of hose when used in connection
with what the Company already had, would reach about 40 rods and cover most of the business center. The People of Fairport
may congratulate themselves upon securing water at such a small cost. There will be no expense for the engine house, engineer,
or salaried officers; and what is best of all, no village debt on which to pay interest."

Seven months after the formation of the DeLand Hose Company, a group of men formed the Fairport Hook and Ladder Company No. 1, which was incorporated March 5th, 1881. The Protectives Company was organized February 15th, 1888, and incorporated June 24th, 1890. The three companies shared a building for the first time when the Main Street fire hall was completed in 1932. Next to the Village Hall, this station featured a truck bay for each company and a meeting room above. Today the Fairport Fire Department operates out of Station One, on East Church Street, and Station Two, on East Whitney Road. New members still join one of the three companies.

Fairport Fire Department's Milestones
1877 -- First parade
1909 -- First motorized fire truck
1972 -- FFD marching band formed
1981 -- Station One dedicated
2002 -- 125th anniversary of the FFD
2027 -- 150th anniversary of the FFD

Fairport Fire Department - Fairport, NY