Application Form Approving Authority Summary (for more details, click on the application name)
Site Plan  Planning Board Approval of a site plan is required in several instances : 
-construction of a new building (other than a one or two family dwelling or an accessory to a one or two family dwelling)
-alteration of a building (other than one or two family dwelling) if any floor area is increased by 25%
-a change in use or occupancy of land or building (other than a one or two family dwelling) that causes a change in the required parking
Sign Site Plan Planning Board All structures proposing more than two signs, directory signs, or ground signs require sign site plan approval.
Subdivision  Planning Board A subdivision is required when any parcel of land is divided into one or more lots, plats, sites or other divisions of land. Subdivision is also when one or more new streets is created as a result of a development proposal.
Area Variance  Zoning Board of Appeals An area variance is the authorization by the Zoning Board of Appeals for the use of land in a manner which is not allowed by the dimensional or physical requirements of the Zoning Code.
Use Variance Zoning Board of Appeals A Use Variance grants permission for the property owner to do what the use regulations prohibit.
Special Use Permit Zoning Board of Appeals The Special Use Permit procedure is intended to provide a means to establish those uses having some special impact or uniqueness which requires careful review of their location, design, configuration, and special impact to determine the desirability of permitting their establishment at any given location.
Certificate of Appropriateness Historic Preservation Commission The Certificate of Appropriateness process provides a procedure for reviewing plans for work on property within a historic district and landmark properties to ensure that such work will comply with the standards established to protect and enhance property that represents distinctive elements of the Village's historic, architectural, and cultural heritage.